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Building Up Harmonious Lonsen from life trifles

I have been at Lonsen for about 20 years. We have experienced a lot, grown up together and built up a relationship of mutual reliability and trust, in which, we tasted the joys and sorrow, and had striving dreams and cooperation. All of these memories make up my life trifles together with Lonsen.


Men’s Lives are as colorful as a rainbow, but as short as it too. How to live wonderfully and what reputation we leave behind are all considered, decided and controlled by ourselves. What I need to do is to rightly maintain the image of enterprises as well as advocate all the people to behave civilized and politely.

As the old sayings go “Don't do any evil no matter how insignificant it is, don't miss doing any good no matter how insignificant it is”; “People should love himself firstly, then others’ love comes; People should respect him firstly, then other’s respect comes”. We must be strict with ourselves, try to do something well. Begin like me, from the little things and own a noble mental sentiment, with which we can feel unusual things in the ordinary life. Let’s stretch out our hands and strive for a more harmonious Lonsen.



Lai LiPing

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